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List of Prime Ministerof Bangladesh From 1971 to Present

The Prime Minister of Bangladesh is, in practice, the most powerful political position in Bangladesh . The President of Bangladesh is considered senior to the Prime Minister, but holds a largely ceremonial role. The Prime Minister has effective control over the executive arm of government, and presides over the country's cabinet.

The Prime Minister is appointed by the President based on the situation in the Jatiya Sangsad (the Bangladeshi parliament ). The Prime Minister will usually be the leader of the largest party (or coalition) in the Jatiya Sangsad and must have the confidence of the Jatiya Sangsad to govern.

There is sometimes a certain amount of debate over who should be considered a Prime Minister. Mashiur Rahman governed under the title "Senior Minister", while Mohammad Habibur Rahman and Latifur Rahman headed caretaker governments under the title "Chief Adviser". Excluding caretaker leaders (but including Mashiur Rahman, the Senior Minister), there have been eleven Prime Ministers of Bangladesh. One person, Khaleda Zia , has held the position on two non-consecutive occasions. She also holds the record for the longest total time served as Prime Minister. However, Sheikh Hasina Wajed narrowly holds the record for the longest unbroken premiership, with her term in office lasting a few weeks longer than Khaleda Zia's first term.


Sl. Name Start End Party Name
1 Tajuddin Ahmed 11 April 1971 13 January 1972 Awami League
2 Mujibur Rahman 13 January 1972 26 January 1975 Awami League
3 Mohammad Mansoor Ali 26 January 1975 15 August 1975 Awami League
4 Mashiur Rahman 29 June 1978 12 March 1979 Bangladesh Nationalist Party
5 Shah Azizur Rahman 15 April 1979 24 March 1982 Bangladesh Nationalist Party
6 Ataur Rahman Khan 30 March 1984 9 July 1986 Jatiya Party
7 Mizanur Rahman Chowdhury 9 July 1986 27 March 1988 Jatiya Party
8 Moudud Ahmed 27 March 1988 12 August 1989 Jatiya Party
9 Kazi Zafar Ahmed 12 August 1989 6 December 1990 Jatiya Party
10 Khaleda Zia , 1st time 20 March 1991 30 March 1996 Bangladesh Nationalist Party
  Mohammad Habibur Rahman 30 March 1996 23 June 1996 (none)
11 Sheikh Hasina Wajed 23 June 1996 15 July 2001 Awami League
  Latifur Rahman 15 July 2001 10 October 2001 (none)
  Khaleda Zia , 2nd time 10 October 2001 28 October 2006 Bangladesh Nationalist Party
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